How to Draw Manga - Face IV

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Now we are gonna study the most common expressions in the face

This doesn't express any emotion, so usually is used when you are trying to create a new character.

When somebody smile, the lines of the eyes, eyebrows and mouth are curved...

If you got a bigger smile the lines are more curved too..

For this the eyes get closed and the mouth much bigger,..

When we get upset the eyebrows get tense,.. And the mouth change..

Depending on the degree of anger, wrinkles appear. And the mouth get tense..

More wrinkles and as you can see there's a lot of tense in the face.. Also a bigger mouth..

The eyebrows change as the upset's mouth..

More intensity as the sad face..

As you can see if you draw a bigger mouth you can show more intensity, the same with the eyebrows..

It seems like he is watching something, different shape for the eyebrows...

Looks like the sad one.. But sweat (⌒-⌒; )

Shock!! Big mouth and big eyes!!

With a pale or tense face,..

Close eyes and with his mouth as if he were sighing..

Is like the crying face but with a smile,...

Here are all if you wanna watch the difference,...

You can also just watch yourself in the mirror so you can get a better idea of expressions. *This draw is from the last chapter of DGrayMan



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