How to Make Your Toes Pretty

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These are the colors and brands I chose

As you can see the polish is kind of all over the place but that's okay it will be removed later. With the color I chose I need to apply two coats you may not!..

To do this I used the skinny black polish

The rest of my toes I do white

See white and black!!!

Cute!! Because is unique-it's different it's special, it's the exact opposite of how you would normally paint your nails!!!

Now time to remove ALL that extra polish from the edges!!!☺>>>>>>>> look!!!>>>>>

I dipped half the Q-tip into nail polish remover

You probably wondering why it's not removing-it's because this step is just to soak the polished skin then it will come off with your finger nail!!

This is my final result !! I love it and I hope you will too!!!!✌out$$$

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