How to Make a 8 Point Transforming Ninja Star

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Fold upper right corner to bottom left corner

Do the same to the other side so it makes an "x"

Fold horizontally

Fold top right corner into the center

Do the same to the other corner

Fold in half

Push back in

Fold to make a arrow like shape now make 7 more

To interlock settle 1 into the other like so

Fold a tip into the arrow points

Do the same to the other tip

So it now looks like so

Now to interlock the last pieces

Move both the other papers to the side and fold tip into

Now do the same to the other tip

Frisbee form

Push to sides to touch

Now turn and push top and bottom Together

Push together again


Push top and bottom together again

Watch the video: Origami Ninja Star #5 Transforming 8-Pointed Shuriken

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