How to make delicious donut grilled cheese

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This is what you'll need. I prefer cooper sharp cheese, but then again I prefer it with almost everything!! Any glazed donuts will do, but I think Krispy Kreme takes it over the top amazing!

Oh no! They're all gone :(

I'm making two at a time bc Krispy Kreme donuts are a bit smaller than many others. Place your donut on a paper towel or whatever clean surface you use and get your sharp knife ready.

Stick the knife into the side and cut all the way around until it splits open like a bagel. If it's Krispy Kreme, the dried frosting will flake off a bit but that's ok.

Once you have cut the donut, lay them out with the cut side facing up...

...and butter it. Seems odd to butter a donut but trust me...

Now after spraying your pan or griddle with your cooking spray, lay the butter sides down next to each other. Remember those flakes that fell off before, well I scoop them up and throw 'em back on.

Take your cheese slices(best if left out at room temperature), break them up and lay them around the donut, more or less depending on your taste.

Turn your stove on to medium-low. I usually put it on 4. After a few minutes, it will look like this. Make sure your spatula is handy.

This is also when you'd want to add a dash of salt if you so choose. Sea salt to be extra fancy. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to be ÜBER sophisticated and artisan hipster!

Lift each slice up a bit and check to see how dark it is every so often.

When I start to see the sugar glaze cartelized and bubbling like this in the middle, I know it's about ready.

Now once it's nice and browned(the more browned, the more crispy it is), flip one side up onto the other.

If you see one side has some light areas, turn it back over and press down with the spatula for a little bit.

Put onto your plate and if you prefer, like me, cut them across both ways to form 4 quarters.

Voilà! Get ready to be addicted and accept the fact that you will crave these all the time now and become very fat.

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