How to make b.b.q. chicken tostada.

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Your seasonings 1.tablespoon of salt 2.tablespoon of season salt 3.tablespoon of bbq smoke seasoning 4. Half tablespoon of chicken powder 5.crushed black pepper just enough.

Chicken thighs

Season the chicken

Hot pan with a little bit of oil

Put the chicken thighs in the pan seasoning side down cook until golden brown and crispy. when faced down season the other side.

Flip it over to cook the other side have the flame on medium high heat.

When the back side is golden brown. Add 2 1/2 cups of water the chicken is still raw where not done yet.

Add a half chopped onion to the chicken.

Put the onions in at this time cook on high heat.

Next step you will need a bottle of mustard.

Squeeze about 3 tablespoons of mustard into it

Add a half of cup of orange juice to the chicken..

Pore it into the mix keep cooking on high heat cook it until the water is gone.

Once the water is gone break down the chicken to small pieces.

One bottle of bbq sauce...

Pore it into the chicken mix once the chicken is chopped down.

Two cans of beans...

Boil the beans in a pot to soften them up.

Add salt to the beans.

Add garlic to the beans

Adding garlic

Once you beans are soft out them into a blinder with just a little bit of water. Start the blender break them down until smooth texture.

You will need a block of cheese

Red cabbage chopped down

Cilantro chopped

You will need tomato chopped down take the sees out.

Everything is chopped down time to make the toasted

Avocado you choice or peppers

One fried blue corn tortilla shell a big tablespoons of the bean paste cover up the shell with the bean paste.

Add the bbq chicken..

Add your cheese..

Add your red cabbage.

Add your tomatoes..

Add your cilantro and squeeze your lime on top and enjoy this meal thank. Signing off your Zombiechef

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