How to make fresh calamari

Gather ingredients...

Mix all dry ingredients in a medium bowl. Season to taste

Preheat oil to a temperature 350-375 degrees F or 175-190 degrees C in a wide deep pan to avoid splatter.

Drain prepared squid but do not rinse the milk off. Toss the moist squid into the mix of dry ingredients a handful at a time.

Gently place breaded squid into the oil being mindful of the oil splatter. Fry/boil in the oil for about 4 minutes. It should turn a golden brown. Don't over cook the squid at it will become tough

Remove from the oil and place on a couple layers of paper towel or in a strainer to remove excess oil.

Plate up and enjoy this beautifully prepared calamari! The should be not trace of a fishy smell taste as the way I explained how to clean it thoroughly ensured this. (See my other guide)

Watch the video: Easy Calamari

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