How to hook up your guitar pedals

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Step 1: Set your pedal board on a flat surface (you can either buy or build a pedal board).

(When dealing with guitar pedals we ALWAYS go right to left.) Step 2: Get your volume pedal and plug one of your guitar chords into the in input. This chord is connecting your guitar to the pedal.

Step 3: Then from your volume pedal, you are going to go into your distortion/overdrive pedals. Plug a separate chord into the out on your volume pedal and into the input on your distortion pedal.

Step 4: (If you have another overdrive/distortion) repeat step 3 with a different chord.

Step 5: Then from your distortion/overdrive pedals you will go into your modulators. With another chord plug into the out on you overdrive pedal and into the in on your modulator.

Step 6: Then from your modulators you will go into your cry baby pedal.

Step 7: Then you will plug a chord into the amplifier input on the cry baby pedal and the into your amp.

Step 8: You have now put together all of your pedals and you are ready to experiment and play with your pedals.

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