How to play with food (for picky eaters)

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Hard boil eggs. You need 1-2 eggs per kid.

Mash the eggs with fork

Chop dill

Mix cottage cheese (1 tablespoon for every 2 eggs) and dill with mashed egg salad

Cut cherry tomato in half and scoop the seeds out (it will be fisherman's hat) you'll see in a sec I used wooden skewer dipped in food coloring to draw a mouth and basil leaves for fisherman's hair. Eyes I made from black sesame seeds

Cut about one inch from cheese stick. If it's too long it will not remain standing in his boat too long

Grate leftover cheese into egg salad

Cut avocado in half. This is the easiest way to remove the seed: stick the knife and twist

Sprinkle some lemon to prevent color changing

Scoop avocado with measuring spoon just enough to fit in cheese stick

Just like this. The cheese stick will not stand by it's own yet but don't worry we will support the stick with egg salad

Stuff avocado with egg firmly and all around. Place on a plate and see if it's stable. If avocado shaky you can cut just a bit from the bottom

Cut triangle from pita or tortilla push through it the same wooden skewer we used to make a mouth

This step is optional: add drop of blue food coloring to the remaining cottage and mix. Arrange it on a plate around the boat as an ocean. Also you can place on top of cottage gold fish crackers

Voila! You don't have to make it by yourself. Have your kids help you and it will become fun Sunday morning activity.!


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