How to make soft, easy microwave cookies

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Cream together the butter and the salt, might take a while but it's worth it!

Add in the egg yolk! Just the yolk though, make the white into an omelette or something yummy :) here add in the vanilla if you have some

Add both sugars to make it sweet~~

And finally mix in the flour to make it... Like a cookie! The recipe says to use plain/all-purpose flour but self-raising worked when I used it :)

Finally mix in half of your chocolate and put the other half on top! <3 ah looks good

Waah~ microwave it for a minute on high. Mine's 1000w so adjust time accordingly to how crispy you want it~

Feel free to adapt this to however you want! Use dried fruit, add cocoa powder, get wacky with it!

Watch the video: Mug Cookie in 1 Minute . Eggless u0026 Quick Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie Microwave Mug Cookie Recipe

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