How to cook low-carb soy ginger lime grilled chicken

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Depending on the amount of marinade you apply, each tenderloin ranges from 2-4 carbohydrates. Who said you can't use sauces when eating low-carb??!

Peel garlic

Peel and roughly chop half of a large shallot

Peel and roughly chop 3/4 inch of ginger

Add dry ingredients (garlic, ginger, and shallot) to a blender or food processor. I used a magic bullet. Get ready to add your wet ingredients and seasoning.

Add 1 tablespoon honey

Add 1/4 cup of soy sauce

Add the juice from one lime

Add 1/8 teaspoon black pepper

Blend all ingredients. The flavor is fabulous!

Cover your tenderloins with the blended mixture

Heat your grill to a medium temp

Grill chicken for about 10 minutes or until the internal temp reaches 160 degrees. You should get some great grill marks from the marinade.


Serve with green beans sautéed in soy sauce, sesame oil, and cashews

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