How to create a valentine garden rose arrangement

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A silver mercury glass footed container elevates the design with a glamorous feel. Secure a soaked piece of floral foam into the container using wet tape in a railroad tracks pattern .

Velvety lambs ear and soft dusty miller are placed in a radial patter around the base of the container and upward to create a bed for the roses. Place the foliage 2" into the foam so they can drink.

Fluffy white feathers add delicate movement and a touch of femininity to the design. Place them in between the greens to fill out the form.

The star of the show, red piano garden roses! Place them in a radial format, tucking some low towards the foam, and draping over the edge. Place stems deep into the foam so they will last nicely.

Bejewel the finished piece with pearls or rhinestones for added glamour. Vintage Valentine roses make a stunning gift for someone special!

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