How to make "ocean art" rock candelabra

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An ideal rock with lots of holes. Make sure your rock is dry and free of debris. Use a firm paintbrush to loosen sand deposits and shells. Make sure nothing is living on the rock you choose!!

Buy the perfect candles for your rock, or if you're cheap like me, dig up old candles from the garage.

Collect large shells for holes that candles won't fit in.

Background shows candles I picked, foreground shows shells I was testing in holes.

Once you've picked out candles and large shells to go in holes, you can either proceed to the later steps and glue them in, or assemble tiny shells and rocks for decoration.

Grab your decoupage glue and a brush.

Begin placing your small shells in the desired pattern on a layer of glue.

When you've finished laying down design, allow to dry. Most shells should be somewhat stable.

Then coat all shells with a second layer of modge podge glue to solidify hold and add shine. Hot glue larger shells to rock and then coat them with decoupage too.

When all glue is totally dry (wait at least 24 hours), you're ready to place your candles. Grab a lighter and soften candle base with flame for a few seconds.

Quickly push into rock.

You can melt some more wax at base to solidify candles.

And now you can light and enjoy your ocean art candelabra!

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