How to make easy lip balm

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The necessary items

Take petroleum jelly and add into small bowl with spoon

Scoop off with knife if you want you can add your vanilla or almond extract now or in later steps

Microwave for 75 seconds to 1 minute depending on microwave do more or less and check on it.

Not all melted but it was mushy enough to mix into container

Add into your container be careful you may want to use oven mitts it's very hot

This is what it should look like and pour it as soon as you can because it settles quickly

Get your vanilla or almond extract and your toothpicks

Add a very VERY small amount a little goes a long way!

Mix it and then flatten it

Wipe off Excess amounts on the sides

I added some glitter from an old lipgloss making kit but you don't have to add this step

Finished product!

Put in freezer over night and enjoy.

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