How to make s'mores cupcakes

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Mix your graham crackers (or buy crumbs) 3 cups graham , 10 Tb melted butter, 1/2 cup sugar.

Rounded tablespoon each cupcake liner. It will measure 24 perfectly.

I took one of Molly's cups and placed liner over it, used it to smash down the graham cracker crust

Press hard

Bake 325, for about 6-7 minutes. So that it firms up

Cream 1c +2TB butter, 3eggs &1 1/2c sugar. Cream, Then add: 1/2c dutch c, 1 1/3c cakeFlour, 1/4tsp Bpowdr, 1tsp Bsoda, 1/2tsp salt. Alternate dry w: 1/2 c coffe 1/2 c buttermlk and 2 tsp vanilla.

Fill your scooper slightly short of a full scoop. You don't want these to bake over the cups. Bake at 325, for about 23 minutes. You may need to let go longer. Start checking at that mark.

Unwrap each cupcake and start the glaze.

Over a double broiler: 4 squares semi sweet choc, 1tsp white karo syrup, 4 TB butter. Let it melt and cool about 10 minutes.

Dunk the tops of cupcakes into the glaze. Let Them set up about an hour (the choc will harden) before you add the marshmallow fluff topping.

Double broiler: 4 egg whites and 1 c sugar. Let that warm for about 10 minutes. Then place in mixer and beat about 5-8 minutes. Shiny, stiff peaks. Dollop atop the cupcakes and place on cookie sheet

Place under the broiler for just a minute or two until the tops are browned up

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