How to sew a diagonally striped maxi skirt

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Lay out the striped material.

Find a maxi skirt that fits you well.

Trace the pattern of the maxi skirt onto the butcher paper and cut out the shapes.

Trace the back of the skirt as well.

Pin the pattern pieces onto the material.

Cut out the pattern pieces with the rotary cutter.

Serge the seams together.

Then, to add extra support, sew on the inside edge of the serged edge.

Once the front of the skirt is pieced together, sew the back of the skirt to the front, being careful to keep right sides together! :)

Measure a waist band for yourself and sew it to the skirt.

Enjoy your maxi skirt!

Watch the video: DIY Button Front Maxi Skirt: Sew With Me!

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