How to make stuffeddodka/ ridge gourd/ beerakaya

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Roast some peanuts

Cut the gourd in 4 pieces and then slit as shown to stuff the masala

Soak tamarind in water

In a grinder put peanuts and coconut

Add chillies

Add turmeric powder

Add cumin and coriander powder

Grind to a paste without adding water to it

Add oil to this paste

Chop onions

Stuff the gourd with the paste as shown

Mix the onions with remaining masala . Put it in the base of pan

Keep the stuffed gourd on the onions

Add water to till they are half submerged into it.

Once the gourd is soft add the tamarind pulp and cook slowly . And you are done have it with chapaties or rice . Add a teaspoon of ghee goes very well with it .

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