How to make homemade spinach fettuccine

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If you don't have a kitchen aid, there are lot of good guides on google. Here is a good link:

Chop 10 oz of spinach. Make sure to do the measurement after chopping since spinach normally takes a lot of room.

If you use frozen spinach, make sure you wring out all of the water.

Add 4 cups of all purpose flour to the kitchen aid mixer.

Add in the dried spinach.

Add 4 eggs to the mixture. We whisked them together so they had the same consistency.

Add 1 tbsp of water to the mixture.

Use the flat beater on setting 2 for 30 seconds.

Switch to the bread hook and let it run on setting 2 for 2 minutes.

This is what your pasta should look like when done.

Shift out a bit of flour for kneading.

Hand knead the dough for 1-2 minutes.

Cut the dough into 8 pieces. Hopefully equal (we weren't very successful on that aspect). You will want to make sure the pasta is around 1 cm thick.

On setting 2, speed 2, feed your pasta through. It's ok if it breaks a bit. Fold the pasta over and feed it through again. Make sure the dough has a small amount of flour to go through the roller.

When the pasta stays together well, you are done with setting 2.

Ta-da! Flattened pasta (we will flatten it more later).

We did all of the pasta on setting 2 first.

Now slowly increment the pasta setting to make your pasta thinner.

Feed your pasta through, but don't fold the dough over setting 2. Just keep feeding your dough through the roller until desired thinness.

Since the dough was really long, we cut them in half.

Switch out the attachment with the fettuccine cutter attachment.

Yum! The fettuccine is looking amazing.

Add the pasta to boiling water for about 3 1/2 minutes.

Drain the pasta

Serve with your favorite main dish or sauce. View my other guides if you want to know how to make the healthier Alfredo sauce or chicken marinade used in the photo.

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