How to make an owl cake topper

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Start with a ball of modelling paste

Flatten it and shape into a rough oval shape with a flat bottom

Use a round cutter to cut the 'ears' , define the head and belly part

Start building the eyes, first white circle...

...then blue one

...then black one

...and last but not least a white dot

Add a beak

For the feathers on the belly you will need 3 shades of grey + a bit of white modelling paste

Start by cutting out 3 circles of your darkest colour, I'm showing you how to do it with white paste

Cut off roughly 3/4 way and apply onto the bottom part of the belly... this

For the next row, cut out 3 circles again, cut off 3/4 way, but this time you will have to cut 1 circle into half

Put the 2 halves either side the cut side out

And apply onto the belly overlapping the previous row

Repeat the process with lighter colour

And finish off with white

For the wings I used a rose petal cutter

And apply onto the sides with the thinner end pointing down

For the feet shape equal amounts of paste into a teardrop shape

Stick on with a bit of edible glue

And give them a bit of definition with a toothpick. You might have noticed different coloured beak in this photo, I decided to change it because the white one wasn't standing out enough

And that's it! Enjoy xxx

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