How to make an air plant terrarium

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I got this moss at a craft store called Pat Catans. In other projects I haves used moss from Lowe's. You should use gloves when you handle the moss.

Driftwood I found by Lake Erie. You can also use twigs, tree bark or branches but make sure they are dried out and free of any bugs.

Random stones and pebbles I have collected. You can also purchase river stones or colored glass to use instead.

These adorable plants are called Tillandsia. There are lots of different species and it's easy to order them online. (you can find em at garden centers but where I live they are way more $)

Option #1 from craft store

Option #2 from garden center

Option #3 I found lying around the house

Start adding your moss. Don't forget to use your gloves!

Now that I have a nice assortment...

Time to add some stones.

A piece of driftwood...and a bit more moss.

Finally, my Tillandsia!

Here I used the jar as my base and then added the driftwood and hung a couple plants from it.

Almost done!


Perfect! Indirect sun from this window! Now all you need to do is take the plants out once a week and submerge in water for a minute. Let them dry then place back in the terrarium! Enjoy!

Watch the video: DIY Terrarium Air Plants Decor


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