How to cook fried chicken wings

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For cooking I used a wok pan. I like to use a pan with a very huge opening/rim. It actually helps the chicken cook a bit better. Gives your chicken room to cook.

I clean, season with both sazon (my pref flavors) and seasoned salt, then toss in flour. After this, turn your pan on high. That temp needs to get way up to 350. Best to have a cooking thermometer.

Your oil should take about 6-8 minutes to heat up using this method. There are many ways to fry chicken, this works for me at home.

Don't worry if you don't have a thermometer. I'm no professional. I have found that this method, pan and heat gets it done every time.

Your temp needs to get up 350 degrees. It drops some when you add your chicken. I cook about 10 at a time. If it hits the oil and looks like the above photo, it's hot enough. Cook for about 14-18min

Your chicken simmers down, floats to the top and turns golden brown when ready. I usually cook for all of 16min (18 tops) for a nice crunch.

When ready to remove, place paper towels in the bottom of a bowl so the chicken will drain all the excess oil. 2-3 full size should work per 2 batches.

These are really awesome and I hope you get to share the same experience!!

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