How to make a ballet party centerpiece

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I started with a plain dress form I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $5

Next I covered the entire torso area with white gesso. This is to cover the old color and help the new paint color stick.

When the gesso dried, I painted the piece with acrylic paint.

Then I added glitter paste for a little sparkle. If you don't have glitter paste, you can add glitter to the paint while it's still wet

I cut strips of different colored tulle and tied them around a piece of ribbon to make the skirt.

Tutu has been assembled and tied with the ends of the ribbon. I cut off the tips where I had tied the knot and tucked everything in nice and neat

For a little extra something, I added these beads to the tutu using my hot glue gun.

And here is the finished centerpiece! This will be used for my daughter's ballet themed party this weekend.



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